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Reasons I Believe LeBron James Uses Steroids


Performance enhancing drugs are taking up a lot of spotlight in sports as of recently. It seems like every other month, some clinic is getting shut down and exposing their patient list of celebrities and athletes for the world to see. So naturally, claiming that an athlete is indeed taking performance enhancing drugs is a taboo subject without solid proof and evidence. And no action is guaranteed except the stink-eye and hate from fans of said athlete. My curiosity into LeBron James’ steroid use began with an interview with Derrick Rose. The reporter had asked him if steroids were a problem in the NBA since it rarely gets mentioned or talked about. On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being what are PED’s and 10 being everyone is using), Derrick Rose answered “7” and admitted that it is a problem that no one talks about.

“It’s huge and I think we need a level playing field, where nobody has that advantage over the next person.”

ImageAfter I read that answer, the first two players that popped into my head were LeBron James and Dwight Howard. Since 2011 I have always been outspoken about my suspicions that LeBron James was using steroids. The obvious response I would get from my friends who were Heat fans was, “No, the NBA tests for testosterone.” That’s pretty much like saying that felons don’t use drugs when they’re on probation because they’re piss tested. Further research shows that even though the NBA does test for testosterone, they don’t test for HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which is a far more advanced type of steroids meant for men older than 25 who want to maintain athleticism and flexibility without gaining to much bulk and getting stiff. David Stern is only announcing now that they plan to START testing for HGH next season. These are some of the reasons I believe that LeBron is using HGH.


Since 2003 LeBron is notably much larger than he ever was. I understand the concept of lifting weights and gaining muscle, but different before and after pictures show that LeBron’s back and shoulders have almost doubled in width. The diameter of his head is extremely larger. The back and shoulders I can deal with, but there’s no work out plan on the planet that cause this much growth in your head. I’ve had many close friends go on cycles of steroids and especially HGH. And one of the most noticeable characteristics that we’re all aware of is the growth of the human head during these cycles or what they refer to as “moon face”. There’s no concealing it.


Even when players like Jordan and Kobe were considered undersized and they hit the weights; they never bulked up like that. Think about it, an NBA player is running up and down basketball courts 82 games a year plus practices. With that much cardio, it’s no wonder most basketball players have natural runners’ bodies. It’s almost impossible to bulk up with that much muscle when you’re burning that many calories constantly. And yet we have this mutant whose 6’8” weighing 275 lbs and still runs 40 yards in almost 4 flat. That’s not natural, that’s science.


Earlier this year the infamous Anthony Bosch’s clinic was shut down for dishing out steroids and HGH to celebrities and athletes. The most scandalous being A-Rod caught once again on the patient list. When interviews were done with “Incarcerated Bob”, he mentioned one of his clients being the initials “L.J.” seen on the patient list. He claimed a man named Paul picked up HGH once a month for L.J. consistently. Rich Paul is LeBron James’ best friend and agent. All of these coincidences, combined with the fact LeBron has never sustained any serious injury in his career and who’s hairline has been visibly receding since he was 22, is too much irony for me to not call it like it is. There’s no doubt that even without the steroids, he’s one of the greatest and smartest basketball players ever. But I believe he’s definitely cheating for the sake of dominating the game. And when most Eastern Conference teams are seeing their superstars get injured left and right from playing their hearts out, it’s not fair when this freak of nature is just barreling his way through opponents high on steroids.



29 comments on “Reasons I Believe LeBron James Uses Steroids

  1. kcflight
    March 17, 2013

    Great post. Not sure if he is on steroids. He definitely has bulked up over the years but people naturally bulk up when they are older than 25. I didn’t think people played basketball and used steroids. Scary if they do.

    • ajaythuraisingham
      March 18, 2013

      Thanks for the read. Yeah nothing too concrete but a lot of coincidences. Didn’t really think too much about it until I read about D. Rose saying it was a big problem and David Stern wanting to start testing for HGH. Definitely something to think about and be aware of though.

  2. jbraxtoncooper
    March 18, 2013

    This problem is surely a lot bigger (pardon the pun) than we think, but it’s all speculation at this point. Maybe the new testing will shed some light on this next season so the league as a whole can be made more accountable.

    • black jesus
      July 19, 2013

      I know a nba player personally and its sure that lebron james is on hgh

  3. Benjamin G
    March 20, 2013

    Why has Lebron always gotten a break with this. In the past 10 years, the greatest cyclist whom everyone thought was clean, turned out dirty. People just said Armstrong was unnaturally gifted. The best pitcher of the 90s/00s was likely dirty. People said that Clemons was unnaturaly talented with a great work ethic. The hitter with the sweetest swing, a HOF on that alone, went dirty and crushed the home run records. No one really had an excuse for Bonds. The guy we all thought would reclaim the record and put a clean face back in baseball, surprised us to become A-Roid and was sneakily dirty most of his career, especially juiced up in his MVP years. But he had some great drugs that didn’t bulk him up like crazy. Braun too has recently failed a test, and is now linked to one of these drug labs.
    Everyone in the last 15 years who has been a “physical phenom” and been so much better than their peers, has cheated.
    Lebron is a physical freak. There is no one else like him. People like this aren’t naturally made. It is not possible to be built like this, and then survive an 81 game season, then 2 months of playoffs, then an off season full of exhibition or Olympic Games. The body does not survive that kind of punishment.
    People who are clean would breakdown or lose weight and thin down during the season. He is a beast that’s getting stronger. Why does he get a break from the PED question?

    • John
      June 5, 2013

      Just for the record, “everyone” did not think Lance was clean. People who follow cycling closely knew his performances were extremely questionable, to say the least.

      • Ein
        June 11, 2013

        Everybody juices in cycling though. It’s part of the unwritten rules, nobody can say they were surprised.

  4. Safest Steroids
    April 20, 2013

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  5. Joe Russo
    May 12, 2013

    Love the article. I started posting on Bleacher Report, When was the last time LBJ was tested. They kicked me off for just mentioning it

  6. allthingshype
    May 24, 2013

    Good post sound logic but you are still comparing a teenage 240 pound lebron to a grown 28 year old 275lb lebron. Its not unbelievable or even amazing that on average he could put on 3.5lbs of much a year for roughly 10 years. With great trainers, nutrition, and proper recovery techniques all of which he has access to.

    Now if he gains substantially more muscle over the next few season then you may have something. But 28 is the average age an athletes reaches there peak so in all honesty it all coincides with him peaking not juicing.

    Also im not a lebron fan, while i have great admiration for his ability, he is not my idol and im not a groupie. Im a kobe and life long laker fan. But as a pre med biology major and avid sports fan inhave to say there is nothing suspicous about lebron athleticism

  7. Alex
    May 31, 2013

    Is this serious? He came in the league at 18 fucking years old, of course he is going to get bigger…people love to hate. Take a picture of ANYONE, athlete or not, at 18 and compare it to one 5 years later, then a few years later. Fucking stupid.

    • Alex Paris
      June 6, 2013

      Great read!
      “Reasons I BELIEVE” versus “KNOW” is a nice little argument as well.

      I must admit, if the allegations are true, it will be a sad, sad day for basketball.

  8. jason
    June 7, 2013

    He’s a cheat like all the other athletes who make millions n cheat. Fuck him. Who grows like that. His heads as big as a fuckn bowling ball. Look at him n slam mag. N highschool.

  9. Jonathan Robitaille
    June 9, 2013

    great article. Not only is it plain to see LJ has been using HGH just by using the eye test..but there are also other hints that point to it as well. One of those being that people who use HGH can get tumors and LJ had one removed from his jaw in 2009. Now like many have pointed out, it is quite natural to put on weight as you age. However, putting that weight on without gaining fat points to synthetic help. The NBA does NOT test for HGH. In MLB they started testing for steroids back in like 06. But it was several years till they tested for HGH and since then offensive numbers have plummeted. Look at Arod. He may have gone off steroids but he continued to use HGH and he is about to be busted for it. Oh, and Miami is a hotbed for this stuff which is why all these Miami based athletes are viewed with skeptical eyes.

  10. Andrew W.
    June 22, 2013

    Well, again, I’m not saying HGH is impossible to use in NBA or basketball, players have been busted for it, but LeBron was 18 and already was like 240 and now he’s 28 and 260 not 270. He has access to trainers plus nutritional stuff plus is endorsed by Nike which helps him improve too. This kind of thing happens in soccer, no steroids, but teams do have medical labs to help an player improve and make their bodies last long, like Milan, bunch of 30 year olds playing due to the advanced medical lab, you should look it up. It’s a thing that could apply to LeBron and other NBA players also if a steroids scandal happened it would ruin basketball.

  11. Tom
    July 27, 2013

    Too much money to be had in the NBA for there not to be rampant PED use. Just the way it goes. It will all come out eventually. But the NBA is just fine with things the way they are. The drugs and docs are always a step ahead of testing,,,and when the league is not forcefully looking for the them, there is slim chance of players getting caught. D Rose is most likely right. 7. or even a little higher on the scale. One of the easiest to spot are players later in their careers, which should be over. HGH is a huge boost to recovering from injuries in tired bodies.

  12. allen henry
    July 27, 2013

    As someone who lifts weights I always felt that Lebron was using some form of steroids it just not nature to have those abilities like the article said, after running up and down that court also 10 miles a game for 82 game season.

    • Vitor
      August 19, 2013

      man, if you lift , you should know that a regular exercise , a good diet and perhaps some supplement make anyone get really large muscles , lebron got that from the offseason , not during the season

      • Robert
        October 15, 2013

        well sir if you lift, you should understand that you can’t get that kind of muscle mass if you only can concentrate on lifting 3months/year. And LJ has more to concentrate on off season than just weight lifting.

  13. Taylor
    July 30, 2013

    Of course he grew significantlty. Do people forget that both James & Howard entered the leauge after High School.

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  15. bilal
    August 12, 2013

    Hey maan….I was thinking my sister is 10yrs old and her head is a lot bigger then when she was like 4!!! What methods can i use to check if she is using PEDs or roids?????

  16. Vitor
    August 19, 2013

    Tlk with some nutritionist and some physical educator , and you ll see what regular exercise and regular diet make to some one who wants do get bigger, or just look at actor like Christian Bale ( batman) Christopher Hemsworth (thor) , Chris Evans (captain america) and Henry Cavill (man of steel) those guys have totally changed they bodies for be some one, and no one have said that they were on steroids or HGH, thats is insane
    the considerate age to get large muscles are frpn 20 to 30, so I dont see why people are so perplex about that, maybe Lebron just have more facility to get muscles, genetic you guys understand ?!

    • Anthony
      December 20, 2016

      Lmao i know its a few years late but of course actors juice.

  17. Mark O"Dell
    January 6, 2017

    I cocur with everything you said but, Mike Jordon and Larry Bird are the best or at least in the top 5 or 10 in the world. L.James also has a family which takes much time and effort to manage a family. There is limited time to work out and his whole life is very stressful. What can you do!!!

  18. Terry
    May 20, 2017

    Just watching the celtics and Cavs.playoff game. If Lebran is not on steroids of some sort I would be very surprised. He just dominates driving for a lay up. The only other player I’ve seen that is even close in being unstoppable is Russel Westbrook and he is no where near the size of Lebrun. Shame on the NBA for letting this go on.
    Baseball was the same way letting the same situation go on until the hammer came down.

  19. Paul mcgath
    May 20, 2017

    Ray Charles and Stevie wonder can see that labron james is using H.G.H.

  20. Mishan Tzuar
    May 22, 2017

    It was always in the “hmmm” section of my brain.Le Bron seems to epitomize the “man playing with boys” cliche,even before tip-off.I lift weights myself and have achieved great gains without steroids. So, in all fairness,let the NBA test him for it and move on.Time will tell if his urine doesn’t. Side effects don’t lie.

  21. Ironthumb
    June 22, 2017

    You must understand that most athletes in the high level playing field are on some type of STEROIDS – or your naive. If this wasn’t the case you wouldn’t watch the game because you’d think they just play like kids who are on college. Its a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD for top athletes since everybody’s on it c’mon!!!

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